Officers and Board Members

The guild officers are:

PositionNameDirector term detailsOfficer position - Re-elect inDirector position - Re-elect inE-mail
PresidentNick DenhamIn 1st year of 3 as director20192021President
Vice-PresidentStephanie MartinezIn 2nd year of 3 as director20192020
TreasurerVicki TichenorIn 2nd year of 3 as director20192020
SecretaryMadelaine WardIn 1st year of 3 as director20192021Secretary
Board MemberDonna HuberIn 3rd year of 3 as director2019
Ric FornayIn 1st year of 3 as director2021All Board Members
Toby FriedIn 2nd year of 3 as director2020
Rob WeingartnerIn 3rd year of 3, filling vacant position2019
Karen FultonIn 3rd year of 3 filling vacant position2019

Cox Gallery Coordinators

Gallery Coordinators
Skip Werline
Dee Werline
  • Officers are elected annually
  • Director terms run for three years with three positions open for election each year
  • There are no limits on re-election
  • There is a total of nine places on the board, including the four officers – not all positions are necessarily filled – the board may¬†appoint persons to fill open positions