Cox Gallery Sitting Schedule

This calendar shows people who have agreed to staff the ORVAG Cox gallery.

  • Hours are Tuesday and Thursday through Saturday from Noon to 4:00 pm
  • To add your name to this volunteer schedule, please send an e-mail giving the dates and times you would like to volunteer.
  • Volunteers for the Washington Guild Hall are shown on the main Calendar of Events 

Send your e-mail to:

        1Dee, Skip, Kevin, Doris, Ruvonna & DonnaDee, Skip, Kevin, Doris, Ruvonna & Donna 2Dee & Skip W, Kevin & Doris W, and Ruvonna BDee & Skip W, Kevin & Doris W, and Ruvonna B 1st Friday Gallery Opening1st Friday Gallery OpeningTime: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
3Ruvonna BevardRuvonna Bevard
4Dee & Skip Werline, Ruvonna Bevard, & Donna HuberDee & Skip Werline, Ruvonna Bevard, & Donna Huber Art Smart Talk: Art, Autism & DisabilitiesArt Smart Talk: Art, Autism & DisabilitiesTime: 2:00 pm
5 6Sue Ellen GormanSue Ellen Gorman 7 8Theresa BarnesTheresa Barnes 9Michael WagnerMichael Wagner 10Catherine PhillipsCatherine Phillips
11 12 13Betsy AdamsBetsy Adams 14 15Kevin WollardKevin Wollard 16Lisa RolphLisa Rolph 17Ruvonna BevardRuvonna Bevard
18 19 20Lisa RolphLisa Rolph 21 22Theresa BarnesTheresa Barnes 23Brian and Fran ShirleyBrian and Fran Shirley 24Catherine PhillipsCatherine Phillips
25 26 27Kevin WollardKevin Wollard 28 29Cheryl MetzgerCheryl Metzger 30Jeff LebovitzJeff Lebovitz 31Susan LunderganSusan Lundergan
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 Volunteer Needed

Cox Volunteer Procedures – Gallery Sitting

When You Arrive

  1. If the outside door is already unlocked skip to #4.
  2. Get the door key out of the lock box. The code will have been given to you if you are a volunteer – it will not be published on the web and should not be given out to others.
  3. Unlock the main outside door, replace key in lock box, and scramble the dial
  4. Set Gallery sign out on sidewalk. (This is important to establish our presence to the public in Downtown Maysville)
  5. Turn on lights on 1st floor entry, hallway & stairwell
  6. Go up to the 2nd floor and turn on hall light and bathroom lights
  7. Get the keys from the lock box by the window. The code will have been given to you if you are a volunteer – it will not be published on the web and should not be given out to others – it is not the same as for the outside door.  Close the lock box and scramble the numbers.
  8. Unlock both hallway doors and prop them open
  9. Turn on hall lights (Again, this may all be done by Tourism on weekdays.)
  10. Unlock doors to Gallery, turn on lights, plug in display cases and photo club’s electronic picture frame.

While You Are There

Sign on the calendar page and make “tick marks” for each person that shows up to visit the gallery.

Greet all visitors with a smile, and offer information about ORVAG.  If appropriate, have them sign the visitors book.

Feel free to bring your laptop while you are there.
WiFi connection is available – details are in the book on the Gallery Desk

If anyone buys something or an artist brings in work for sale or for display in the gallery, follow the procedures defined in the “Art Sales” page.

Write everything that happens in the attendance book, including noting if there are interesting visitors.

If you need to wrap anything you sold, there is paper in the storage room on the bottom shelf, including bags for pottery.

If you have any questions use your best judgment and write it down in the daily book.

When you leave

  1. Unplug the display case and electronic picture frame
  2. Turn off lights and lock the doors to Gallery
    (be sure to push down on the floor lock on the bottom of the gallery door)
  3. On the 2nd floor drop the keys into the lock box – see note below about other occupants on the 2nd floor – and make sure it’s locked – scramble the number code
  4. Bring in the “Gallery OPEN” sign

If  Downing Academy is in session or someone is still on the 2nd floor tell them you are leaving and do not lock common area doors .

If you are the last person to leave the building
  1. Turn off the 2nd floor hall lights
  2. Shut and lock BOTH 2nd floor hall doors
  3. Turn off lights in bathrooms, hall and stairwell
  4. Turn off all downstairs lights except those lighting the pictures of the Cox Building
  5. Close and lock the outside door (retrieve the key from the lock box)
  6. Return Key to lock box and scramble the dial
  7. Double check to make sure the door is locked