The Camera Club meets the third Tuesday of the month from 6:30 – 8.00 pm in the ORVAG Guild Hall in Old Washington unless otherwise decided.

If we get into an interesting activity or discussion, we may continue later into the evening.

Monthly contest winning photos are displayed on the digital frame in the Cox Building Showroom.
Don’t forget we have a Camera Club Facebook Page at Ohio River Valley Camera Club

Meeting Agenda:

Attendees may submit up to three images for the monthly contest, on a thumb drive or SD card.
Entrants must be present at the meeting.

  • March 20 – Wind
  • April 17No Meeting due to scheduling issues.
  • May 15 – Tell a story in 3 pictures
    Each entry to consist of three images which together tell a story.
    Each participant can enter up to three sets of images.
  • June 19 – Bugs



In addition to the monthly contest we always have a photography discussion ranging from techniques to equipment to sharing photos.

All are welcome to our meetings – you do not have to be an ORVAG Member to participate – just be willing to share and enjoy our hobby.

Listing of Monthly Contest Themes

June 2018Bugs
May 2018Tell a story in 3 pictures
April 2018No Meeting - Scheduling Conflicts
March 2018Wind
February 2018Looking Down
January 2018Looking Up
December 2017Red and Green
November 2017Small Businesses
October 2017Waterscape
September 2107Hobbies
August 2017City Street
July 2017Rural Decay
June 2017Flags and Banners
May 2017Flowers and their Pollinators
April 2017Motion
March 2017Rainy Day
February 2017Blue
December 2016Fences
November 2016Landscapes
October 2016"Me" and my Shadow
September 2016Looking Back on Summer
August 2016Festivals
July 2016Farm Pictures
June 2016Silhouettes (Contest at July meeting - Field Trip in June)
May 2016Rooftops
April 2016Spring Blooms
February/March 2016From the Knee Down
January 2016Still Life
December 2015Fall Color
November 2015Motion
October 2015Spiders, Webs and Insect Habitats (This does not include Butterflies, Caterpillars or Dragonflies)
September 2015Skyline
August 2015Watering Hole
July 2015Trash
June 2015Wooden Buildings
May 2015Architectural Details
April 2015Easter
March 2015B & W / Color Blend
February 2015Paper
January 2015Holiday
December 2014"Guess What"
November 2014Fall
October 2014Harvest
September 2014Nature Up Close
August 2014Fireworks
July 2014Food
June 2014Agriculture
May 2014Doors
April 2014Emerging Spring
March 2014Winter
February 2014Portrait of a tree with no leaves
January 2014Water
December 2013One Subject, Three treatments
November 2013Tell a Story in Three Pictures
October 2013Windows
September 2013Reflections
August 2013Flower Power
July 2013Six or Eight Legs Alive
June 2013Animal Magic
May 2013Hands
April 2013No Contest – “Evening with Lewis Kemper”
March 2013Household Objects



For further information contact: Brian and Frances Shirley