Guild activities with the Downtown Business Group

At last week’s meeting, Laurie Watt (E.A.T. Gallery), from the Downtown Busiess Group joined our meeting to introduce some ideas the Downtown Businesses had to promote our area, and  involving the local arts.

She suggested that a member from the guild attend their monthly meetings, and in return a member from their group attend our monthly meetings.  That way, we can plan activities that compliment each other, and both groups are on the same page.  I think that instead of the same representative attend each month, we both send a different person.  That way, each group can become familiar with each other’s members…and keep the meetings fresh.

August 24-29 – will be Customer Appreciation Week.  On the 29th, Market Street will be closed off for festivities, and artists are invited to participate in an art walk.  Downtown Businesses have volunteered to give artists a space to show their work.  We should recieve a list of participating businesses soon.  Jacob Werline (J.W. Gallery) is also sponsoring an art contest that weekend.  I encourage all local artists to participate.  He has “stepped up” to provide a show space for local artists, and I think we should do everything we can to support a local art gallery showcasing local artwork.

Businesses have also offered to display local artwork in their windows on a more permanant basis.  They also want to use artwork for display in empty windows.  It would be good to know who is interested in participating so we can match artists with windows.

The Business Group has been providing folders with information about Maysville businesses to our hotels.  It would be great if we were able to include information about our guild and local artists.

October will be flower month downtown, the businesses will sell bulbs as a fundraiser.  Maysville will recieve a governor’s award for the arts in October.  We might want to consider having a party to celebrate Maysville’s hard work in becoming a stronger cultural arts community.

The businesses want to produce and sell something like t-shirts (or notecards) that features local art.  We were invited to share in the cost/profits from those products.

The city of maysville offered the guild the use of the convention center during the Rosemary Clooney Festival (September 25-26).  We will need to bring our own display, and if we want to serve refreshments, they must be catered.

There was also a great idea of closing the Simon Kenton Bridge to have an art show/festival.  It would be a WONDERFUL and UNIQUE event for Maysville.  We are going to find out if it would be possible to close the bridge and have that kind of event.

Finally, they had an idea of Buffalos similar to Lexington’s horses, Cinci’s Pigs, and Chicago’s Cows.

they all sound like great ideas to me.  My notes are not so good, so please correct me if any of my facts are incorrect, and PLEASE add you ideas/suggestions/comments.  This blog post is meant to continue the discussion.

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5 thoughts on “Guild activities with the Downtown Business Group

  1. I was reading Ken’s post about creating a dialogue with the downtown merchants and I think a “rotating representative” is a good idea. I, for one, would like to create a broader connection. I think that can only benefit everyone concerned. Being a potter, as many of us are, the issues for showing our work is not the same as for a painter. Others of us will have different concerns. and that way, we all have an opportunity to provide input, as well as simply meet and greet.

  2. cows, pigs, horses….animals have been done. though i do like the idea of the buffalo..

    how about garden gnomes?

    my old kentucky gnome.

  3. Hey, I’m new at this blog response, but, here goes!
    It was my first meeting and I loved the energy the ORVAG has.
    I think the doors are being opened for the Arts in Maysville, we just need to connect. As I am learning with my own business, it all takes time and you just need to keep at it in these not so easy times. I think the rotating connection with the DBG is a great idea.
    I teach classes on tuesday mornings so the first 3rd tuesday I will be available will be September 15th. I would like to represent the ORVAG, just let me know. I think the Bridge walk is a fabulous idea, it might be a little tricky getting that allowed but if there is anything i can do to help it go forward let me know. I love the Buffalo idea . . . when can we get started! I will see you the 19th.

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