Another success!

I think we need to congratulate ourselves on another impressive show. Ignoring the rain and the broken horsehair piece in the window, I think it was a successful event, and we should be proud of what we showed the people who entered our . I also think we need to thank those who made it all work. I know I will leave someone out as I do not know everything people did, but I hope you will add to this to make it complete. Thanks to:                                                                          

  •  Sue for making 2 great signs even though you were not able to attend
  • Mike for hauling tubs, getting balloons, placing signs,  general organizer, kibbutzer, staying late with us and tracking down Debbie, who got Suzie, who got Duff so we could all finally go home
  • Jo and Mollie for pizza…that hit the spot
  • Russell for bringing dinner Friday
  • Ken for placing people when they showed up Thursday and getting panels for the visual artists, and a lot more I am sure
  • Bill and Char for watching my spot numerous times for me.
  • the city of Maysville for a nice, dry venue and their preparation in having it ready for us

     I just wish Marjorie could have been a part of it.

Rosemary Clooney #2

Since the other blog about RCF was getting a lot of hits, I figured a new one for specifics would be a good idea.  No one is really in charge of this, and I think we all need to find a comfortable way to contribute. A lot of comments mention “let me know what I can do” which assumes someone is in charge. No one is. In talking and listening I think a few things need done. We need to promote the event to the fullest. Valentine’s Day was continuous people. This should be even more people. Marilyn mentioned flyers. I like the idea. Maybe at more than just the French Quarter…deShae’s, Chans, etc. Would someone(s) volunteer to do that?  Show your own work, or the guild logo, or whatever ….someone else said a poster at the FQ would be nice. Anyone want to volunteer? I do not think there is time to send out and receive the fancy postcards and get them mailed. But if everyone would promote to their people it will benefit us all. I used my old computer and Word to make some that turned out OK and sent them. I  used heavy stock paper I had here and they looked pretty good. I will also volunteer to make a couple of large sandwich signs directing foot traffic to the event. More signs downtown would not be a bad idea. Ken and others put Tromp and Trolley all over town and if it had not rained……. Would anyone want to make a few posters? Do we need balloons…This is jst off the top of my head, but I am sure others will have better ideas. Just post them here so we know what is covered.

Display At Library Window

Vicki And Claudia

Claudia, Toby, Vicki and I setup the display at the Maysville public library.  This year, we thought that instead of highlighting individual member’s artwork, we would highlight our service to the community.

The display showcases some of the artwork and photos from art camp.  Along with two slideshows with pictures of camp, and our other activities.  In between pictures, the slideshow has announcements for our upcoming events like our auction.

The display also has information about how to join the guild, and an announcement for the Edgar Allan Poe Art Contest.

I think that if we show the community what we are bringing to it, they will be more likely to support us in the future (like at our shows and auction).