March meeting minutes


March 24, 2010

Members Present:

June Myers, Ruvonna Bevard, Clarence Qualls, Jo Ross, Mary Hughes, Tammie Brown, Ken Swinson, Donna Huber, Vicki Tichenor, Betsy Adams, Lorraine Millikin, Toby Fried, Kathy Macht, Ken Macht, Kim McKissin, Judy Pfeffer, Stephanie Martinez, Karen Fulton, Sam Bevard, Claudia Moose, Jim Moose. (We had 21 present and this may be an all time record)

Claudia Moose, Director, called the meeting to order at 5:00pm.

Members present reviewed the minutes of the January meeting. There was one correction. Karen Fulton is a past board member and Jo Ross is one of our present board members. After the correction, Betsy Adams moved that the minutes be accepted and Ken Swinson seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Two new members were introduced, Tammy Brown, and Lorraine Mullikin.


Skip Werline will be presenting the annual Pat Breslin Watercolor workshop beginning Wednesday, April 7th, at 5pm with a “Wine and Cheese” event and setup of art supplies for the workshop instruction phase, Friday and Saturday, April 9th and 10th from 10:00am to 4:00pm both days. Cost for the entire session is $100.00, which may be paid the first evening. Please email Claudia if you are attending and include your name, address, and home phone. Vicki Tichenor encouraged attendance because we are having such a wonderful artist and instructor for the workshop this year.


Claudia reminded members of Maysville’s 2nd Annual Tromp and Trolley Art Walk, May 7th from 5-9pm. The ORVAG Annual Museum Show will open at the Kentucky Gateway Museum Center with a wine and cheese reception at 5:00 pm. Members are to drop off artwork to be displayed the month of May at the museum on Tuesday, April 27th. The main event for Tromp and Trolley will be sponsored by the City of Maysville and take place at 6:00 pm in the small mall between the Old White Hotel and the Bank. Maysville Cultural Arts District Association will be unveiling a “surprise” at that time.

If individual Guild artists wish to have a separate location of their own other than the museum, there are several locations available:
Opera Theatre
Annie’s Backstage
Hendrickson Building
Individual Artists/Shop owners
Russell Theatre
Culinary Arts Institute

Claudia also announced the following upcoming events:

1. 4/7 Still life painting at the Guild 1-3 PM

2. 4/18 Art Camp planning meeting 4 PM

3. 4/21 ORVAG Board/Membership Meeting 5 PM

4. 4/28 Art critique 6 PM at Guild

Kathy Macht requested permission to sell raffle tickets for an EB Lewis painting to benefit the Fleming Co. Art Council during Maysville Tromp and Trolley at the Museum. Drawing to be this December.

Kim McKissin announced that she would be having her first photography on May 14th at The Banana Tree in Flemingsburg.

Vicky thanked Karen Fulton and her husband, Scotty, for having such a wonderful Art Smart Sunday at their farm last Sunday.

Stephanie Martinez requested that Guild members participate in the Youth Festival sponsored by the Maysville Montessori School. The event will be May 8th at the Rec. Park.

Kim Mckissin and Ken Swinson talked about forming a Photography Club. The Photography Club could meet as often as once a month at the Guild. Since some participants will be traveling long distances and will only be involved in photography, Clarence Qualls suggested offering an associate membership to the Guild at a fee of $5.00 per person per meeting attended. Kathy Macht moved that we have associate membership status for the Photography Club only at the fee of $5.00 per person per meeting. Kim seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Kim suggested buying mat cutting equipment for the guild. Our present equipment is not useable to due age. Mary Hughes will ask Russell Hughes to research the cost. Ken said that we would need a 40-60“ cutter. Stephanie said she recently purchased a matt cuter from Dick Blick for $350.00

Ken talked about the Augusta Art Guild’s Annual “Art in the Garden” and suggested ORVAG’s having an information booth with some guild member’s work for display or sale. Art in the Garden is the 1st Saturday in June. Call Marilyn Lustik by April 1st we are interested in a booth as described. Several of our members will have their own booths there and we could have information pamphlets at those booths instead.

Judy Pfeffer and Ken suggested we consider changing the locks to the Guild building since we have so many outstanding keys. They suggested that we go with a code pad as a lock. We will check the cost of the change.

Meeting adjourned at 5:50 Pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Donna Huber, Secretary